Poem: Medical Experiments

Medical Experiments 

Imaginative stuff, medicine,
colorful bottles and pills, elixirs
complete with lurid descriptions, claims
and pages of unintended consequences,
this one counteracting that one,
a delicate balance of poisons
to be historically and magnificently incorrect
in a generation.

Still, we take them,
less in faith than in the knowledge
that doing nothing
always causes more suffering
than girding armor
and wading into battle.

About this poem

I take a collection of pills to keep my good health. Not long ago I stopped one because it About this poem really, really, really messed with my depression and made my mind pretty much mush.

Sometimes the same is true as we get help with mental, emotional and spiritual issues. It’s a big trial and error game. A trade off of expected and unexpected results. To some that might be discouraging, but hey, that’s how we get “there”, where ever “there” is. And that’s where the adventure is.



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