Paradox, an introvert’s poem.

lure of the dark.JPG

Paradox, an introvert’s poem

Give me silence.
Empty space.
Give me paradox,

that in the vacuum,
you create energy,
power, invisible and undeniable,
infuses you.

Give me the void,
and I will create the world
with virility to spare.

About this poem

I have had a little over two weeks of constant crowds. A convention. Traveling. Vacation Bible School. Church services. I am peopled out.

Yeah, I’m an introvert and mostly I make it work for me. Mostly, but not the past two weeks. Time to recharge.


One comment

  1. Peopled out – I like that! I, too, am an introvert and need alone time to recharge. I’ve always said that “I have exceeded my other people quota” but I like “peopled out” better. Simple. To the point. 😊

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