Poem: Until You Look


Until You Look

Perusing the shop, you see it,
a long brass tube, polished
and nestled into a wooden box,
It catches your eye and imagination.

Until you lift it up and look,
you cannot be sure
if it is a telescope
or a kaleidoscope.

The good news is
there is magic in both.

About this poem. 

Too often we anguish over choices when either one would result in something good.

The picture was taken in an antique shop in Roanoke, Va.



  1. Love Roanoke and ambling through antique shops. I find if I can photograph things, I have a tendency to not need to buy…

    • I lived in the Roanoke Valley for over thirty years. It holds a special place in my heart. I’m like you on photographing things. It’s probably saved me tens of thousands of dollars!

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