Poem: And You Walk


And You Walk

And you walk.
On the sand. With the waves on your left.
The cliffs on your right.

And you walk.
There are footprints and dog prints.
Marks of the tourists, on and on they go.

And you walk.
You know this: if you walk long enough
you will pass the place people go.

The footsteps will end.
and all will be empty.
You and the sky and the sea,

This is where you need to be.
Where you become empty.
Where the world ceases.

and you become.

About this poem.

We are at Cape Cod this week. I am an off-season kind of guy, but if I go to the beaches early enough, or late enough, they are empty. And I walk until everyone else’s footprints disappear.

That’s the beach I love.



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