Poem: A Room Full of Monkeys

Vintage typewriter header with old paper. retro machine technology – top view and creative flat lay design.

A Room Full of Monkeys

They say, if you put a room full of monkeys
in a room full of typewriters,
sooner or later, one of them,
just by the odds,
will write something Shakespearean.

Well. There is only me.
And one set of keys.
It might take a little longer.

About this poem

“Why do you write so much?”, a note said yesterday. I wondered if they were offended. I decided to have fun with the answer.

The picture is not one of mine. It is a stock photo.



  1. You are on a roll today, Tom! And this one is the have-to-laugh-at-myself capper to shine a light on the truth of my own Law of Limited Creativity. Thank you, Tom. Monkey or man, I saw myself at your typewriter!

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