Poem: Number 225,017

Number 225,017

This one has a name.
She came to Christmas parties.
She wrote you notes of concern and joy.
Your mother’s cousin,
you always felt she was yours.
She was the flower girl at your parent’s wedding
and you still hear her voice.
Her voice echoes in your ears.
Her eyes still sparkle.
She still laughs.

but not here.
Not now.
This one has a name.

About this poem

My cousin Marcia passed away last night. From Covid. If you are the praying sort, send up prayers for her family. And remember, these are not statistics. They are lives.



  1. Every one is one too many. Every one sends waves of sorrow through so many hearts, May her Spirit be with those who love her and her soul rest in the grace of God.

  2. My deepest sympathies to you. She sounds like such a wonderful person. – Ellyn Couvillion, Baton Rouge, La.

  3. Yes, when a person we can name and picture passes it matters so much.
    When a building or a place we know burns it matters so much

    When we humans can personal either tragedy, or joy, it matters so much

    May all of her loved ones celebrate her life and grieve her passing together.
    Blessed be

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