Poem: Bring Your Own Match

Bring Your Own Match

First, you let it settle.
The cold.
There’s no pretending
it is not there.
It is.

Let it settle.
Feel it.
Admit the chill, but not too long.
Do not give it a place to roost.

You see, it is your job to start the fire.
To tend it.
And not wait until too late.

About this poem.

Lots of tough emotions this week. We have to let myself feel them to be fully human. But we also have to do the things that push back the darkness, to save ourselves, and to save those we love.

Be well. My prayers are with you, where ever you are.


PS: The picture is of the quarry across from my house.


  1. Beautiful, beautiful poem and encouragement. Thank you. Keeping you in prayers. – Ellyn Couvillion, Baton Rouge

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