Poem: The Enforcement of Soft

The Enforcement of Soft

Snow falls outside the abandoned factory.
I know what they say about snow, but they are wrong –
it is not silent.
Stand still and listen and you hear it,
the tiny pitter-pat, the clicking of flake on flake,
the fall, the sudden landing, striking
of millions of them around you,
God’s creating of a blanket in unconventional ways
while you stand, stock still.

There’s beauty in it, the falling, the snow,
a firefly flicker of an old movie,
a soft distortion that suits your own romantic
view of a brick-hard world,
forcing the world, for just a time perhaps
just a bit softer.

About this poem

I tend to be a bit romantic in a hard world. Or it could be about snow.

The picture was taken in Adams, Mass.


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