Poem: Where You Belong

Where You Belong

Evening waters. Soft waves. Empty horizons.
The crowds have gone. To homes. To restaurants
and the gaiety of nightlife, wine, and song.

You will stay here. Planted if you will,
your roots digging deep in the almost silence.
Growing as you empty yourself out.

This is what you need, to feel small.
Unneeded. Allowed to simply be. To breath
in concert with the waves.

It is an experience all too rare. Felt here,
in the sea. Felt at times when you give vast distances,
or late at night in a lover’s arms.

Rightness. So elusive in our ten-second world.
Peace in knowing you are where
you belong.

About this poem.

A poem about peace. A love poem. A poem about the ocean. Poetry is rarely about one thing.

The photograph was taken at Newport, RI.


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