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When I was thinking about moving to Vermont after 54 years in Virginia, I had my eye on three houses. There was the white house, the yellow house and a small blue house that was semi-surrounded by an abandoned slate quarry that I called the quarry house. I bought the quarry house, which became the name of my company, my web site, and this blog.

Most of my life I have worked in broadcast and media engineering, helping clients design and build TV studios, large-scale AV installations, control rooms, and other high technology projects. I also marketed at a pretty high level, helping build three technology startups into major corporations. For a time, I was also a partner in an ad agency. Yep, corporate America was me. Still is in some ways, since I still make some of my living in that realm.

At the same time, I had a creative side. I wrote poetry, short stories, articles, essays and a  novel (Now there are two of them, and a third on the way.). I slowly evolved into a photographer and artist. I’ve designed a huge range of things from interiors to business processes to web sites to landscapes. I began to act as a “coach” (I hate that name) to a small group of people, sharing how I dealt with success and failure in my life to help them build better lives for themselves. That has become the most rewarding part of what I do.

Quarry House, the company, is my attempt to blend all the things I do into one. It’s not an easy task, since I’ve never been able to tell people what I do in 25 words or less. Quarry House, the blog, combines three of my favorite things – poetry, photography, and observations. If you are interested in learning more, please go visit Quarry House.

Thanks for visiting. Stay a while.  Like I tell people here in Vermont. “I’m southern, where people drop in and chat.” So, drop in, leave me a message, or send me an e-mail. Everything great starts with a conversation.

Tom Atkins


  1. Hi Tom Atkins,
    I’m new to your blog ~ found it in a roundabout way. I like what I’m reading here! And I love your positive outlook and cheerful messages. Welcome to VT! I moved her from Mass almost 9 years ago and I love it here.

  2. Thanks Candy. I’m into my third year here now, and have fallen in love with it myself. Geographically similar to Virginia (where I came from), but spiritually very different.

  3. Tom, It’s definitely spiritually different! But I have found contentment here and the beauty of the mountains gets into your soul. I am a photographer as well, if an amateur one. I appreciate the wonder of southern Vermont (I am not far from you actually ~ North Bennington). I have made some truly wonderful friends here and perhaps had my eyes opened in ways I would not have if I hadn’t come. And I am fortunate to also be a singer ~ getting to sing music of the great composers in two community chorales. Spiritually uplifting indeed!

  4. Hi, Tom: Happened upon your blog when I was looking for poems about boathouses. (there’s a story behind that but I won’t go into it now). Love that you’ve kept your creative spirit alive as you work in business. Have spent my career in broadcasting as well – in front of and behind the microphones and cameras. (always admired and appreciated guys like you!) Moved south to Raleigh, NC about 7 years ago, but my heart (and family camp) remains in the Adirondack Mts.
    Very much enjoy your creative work.

    • Hi Debra! I’m glad you found me. You can have the “in front of the camera job”. I’ve always felt more comfortable behind it. Are you still in broadcasting?

      Looks like we’ve taken reverse paths. I began in Virginia until a few years ago, then left to come up here. I still love Virginia, but something about this place suits my spirit.

      Thanks for your kind words on the creative side of what I do. Check in any time!

  5. I’ve been enjoying your work for a couple of months now. Vermont is one of my favorite places to visit, when I’m home in NY. Keep up the good work.

  6. Hello Tom,
    It was great meeting you today at Bedlam Farms and hearing part of your story. As you suggested, I went online as you see, and read one of your poems to start….the one about evil. I thought it was excellent…maybe not the best word to describe my feelings about it but couldn’t think of another without taking too long! In any case, I will continue to read your work.

    Until we meet again,

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