Poem: Isaiah 21:7


Isaiah 21:7

What of the night?
What sounds do you hear?
What memories?
What lurks there, waiting?
Lovers? Enemies?
How will you know them?
Is there rain? A secret storm lurking
in the black sky?
Or lightning, with its flashes of clarity?
Tell me child,  what is there
and are you afraid, or angry, or sanguine?
Do you play soft music or sit in the silence?
Is there wind to carry away your nighttime thoughts?
Can you feel the devil?
Can you feel God?
Can you feel the ones who love you most
in the battle for your soul?

About this poem

I haven’t done one of my biblical poems recently, but as I was reading my devotions this evening (Late, yes. I normally do this in the mornings.), I was reading in Isaiah. Isaiah 27:7 reads: “Watchman, what of the night?”.

I loved that line, and so… a second poem for the evening.

For many, the nights are when their minds run amok, and there is a battle for peace, for strength, and even, for sleep. I find myself there now and then, not nearly as much as I used to. And when I do, I try to understand what is going on beyond my sight, and/or beyond my understanding.

But then, most things are beyond my understanding.


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