Poem: Still Life

Still life.JPG

Still Life

You write a love note.
Inadequate as always.

You’d think I’d learn my limitations,
describing love.

About this poem

We’ve been together for four years. We’ve been married for one. I am still in awe.




  1. Dear Tom,
    I’m so happy to make an acquaintance again with your poetry. A couple of years back I had to take a break from it. Not that it wasn’t beautiful and exquisitely well-crafted. It was. It was just so heart wrenching and dark I found it draining. One can sometimes bear only so much death and despair even though we feel great empathy for the artist experiencing it. Needless to say the love and hope that pervade your words now are quite a contrast. I’m so pleased you are finding joy, and sharing it in your work here. Thank you!! And as always the photos delight and provide a completely different experience that is no less rich.
    Julie Wallace

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