Poem: Windows Enough

Salem NY

Windows Enough

Step right up!
There are windows enough.
No reason to wait. There’s room for everyone,
a one-man circus of mistakes,
a menagerie of madness,
always entertaining, always open
for you and hundred of your favorite peeping Toms.
Be amazed! Gasp in Horror!
Laugh at the long list of follies!
Things you will never unsee!
Titillating truths!

That at least is what the sign says.
The truth is much different.
It is quiet here. It always has been.
You are free to look in, but be prepared
to be bored.
Portrait of a man reading.
Still life on porch.
Landscape of a kitchen table, a porch chair,
a man, staring into space.

All the fireworks are inside.
the sacred and the profane in an erotic tango
no one can see, full of tension, but outwardly,
always, still,
the reason perhaps, no one stands at my windows any longer.
Dullness has its value,
but none of it is entertainment.

About this poem

I live a dull life. After the life before, I like it. It fits my introvert’s nature better than that old life.

The picture was taken at an abandoned shirt factory in nearby Salem, NY.


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