I won’t be writing much through the holidays. It’s not so much by design as because I seem to some sort of total creative block when I am surrounded by family.  And this week I will be.

I am sure there is some deep psychological reason for this. I used to fret over it. I worried. I was sure that I was in some deep well of emptiness that I would never return from. You would not believe the reasons I used to attribute to it. Maybe some of them were true. I don’t think about it much anymore.

It just is.

Sometimes that is good enough.

You just live with it. Like you do the weather,

All of which is a roundabout way of saying, I won’t be on much till after the New Year.

May your holiday be blessed,



  1. Enjoy every moment with your family over the holidays and may the New Year bring you many blessings.
    It’s been so good to be reading your poetry once again!

  2. Merry Christmas, Tom.

    Your gift, to us, of sharing your thoughts, is a blessing for us all.
    Enjoy your family time.
    Wishing you continued healing, in the New Year…..


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