Joy in Half Notes

Joy in Half Notes

The fidder plays, a pied piper,
a half grin on his face
as he leads us all to a dance,
magic in his instrument,
music in his soul,
a foil to the darkness around and in,
joy made of half notes and resin.

About this poem

The woman I love gave me a gift this week, something unexpected and for no other reason than her love for me – a set of wireless Bose earbuds. The quality is extraordinary, and as I play song after song, I am remembering, yet again, the power of music to make us, lift us, and save us.

Go listen to something.



  1. Music is how the Divine gets through our defenses. It finds a way through darkness and barriers and even our lack of attention. Those ear buds? A truly Bose-dacious gift .

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