Poem: Not Fragile

Not Fragile

They said there would be good days and bad days
Light and dark, a time for life and a time for death
or something near like it.

Waking this morning, you understand the sun has left,
but that is just fine with you.
You are far more accustomed to the dark corners,
you navigate them better, more familiar
with their nooks and crannies,
less sure in the light, but still warmed by it,
happy to have a brief time to dance without fear
of stumbling. Carefree. A child again if only for a few days.

This is what it has told you, your darkness.
You will stumble. And it does not matter nearly as much
as you once believed it did.
People are forgiving and kind with what they know.
and you are not nearly as fragile as you once believed.

About this poem.

A few good days. Back to the routine and battles. Glad for what was and is and is to come. Whatever that might be.

There was a wonderful album by Yes in the early seventies called “Fragile” that inspired the title and last line, if not the poem.


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