Poem: When Beauty Calls.

When Beauty Calls

It is not the snow. It is the cold.
Rabid and harsh.
Your breath freezing on your beard as you breathe,
A wiser man might not be standing here,
outside with a camera, just to capture the stillness,
but wisdom is not always your forte
when beauty calls.

About this poem.

My wife calls me practical. Mostly I am. But when faced with beauty, in nature or people.


Kind of a love poem, but you have to look close.


PS – the picture was taken on the way to my favorite diner. Tomorrow the high is to be 2 degrees.


  1. Tom, the subtle beauty of the picture is amazing – the hint of nature’s Sepia Tone provides the contrast.

    Secondly, I appreciate your About this Poem comments: “…when faced with beauty, in nature or people.

    Hopeless.” Your authenticity is admirable.

    Stay safe and warm, Friend.

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