Poem: The Beauty of Corruption

The Beauty of Corruption

At one time, all the colors were pure,
safe and perfection in their tubes.
Bright and clear and unadulterated.

But not for long. Soon they will mix
and their purity will be lost. A good thing.
Else, where would art come from?

Where would life?

About this poem

About art. About life. About innocence. Poetry is never about one thing.

Like yesterday, the photograph came from my friend Matt Solon’s studio. My kids and my wife know when I get a certain look on my face with my camera in hand that there’s a poem in the picture, and there was in my visit with Matt.



  1. I love every bit of this, Tom. I’m convinced life is just a series of stanzas. Poetry is everywhere. Thank you for seeing it, and sharing it

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