Poetry: Spring from the Front Porch

2013-07-26 07-13-33

Spring from the Front Porch

You can see them,
the first fronds of green,
not yet flowers, but an announcement
that once again, winter has lost its battle.

The lilacs too, have begun to bud,
just the first hint of the glory to come
and the trees draping over the porch
are following suit.

In a day, maybe two, you will begin
to dig out the mat of brown,
the casualties of winter. You will stack them,
burn them in rusted firepit around back

and give the new flowers room to breath.
You will add fresh mulch, black and earthy
and the house will begin to emerge from the dark season.
Your annual Robin is once again in the eaves.

You breathe deeply. And breathe again.
You can smell it. The distant farms,
the maples and birches emerging.
Spring has come and here

as you sip on your glass of water,
you are part of it. a survivor
ready to blossom,
a prayer, about to be answered.

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