Poem: Three Chapters to Eternity


Three Chapters to Eternity

Chapter One

This morning the sky is blue.
The wind is calm.
At the far end of the beach
seals bask in the sun.

The waves are gentle, soothing
and gulls cry out, a summer soundtrack in November.

You sit in the sand, stock still.
You breathe in rhythm with the waves,
slowly emptying your mind,
thought after thought evaporating,
one by one
until you yourself are empty,

until you cease to exist,
more real than ever.

Chapter 2

How is it
that empty, you are more complete
than when all the pieces of you
vie for attention,
battle for supremacy, and worse
for control
of a soul meant not for this,
but rather
for eternity?

You do know know.
You have disappeared
Chapter 3

You can not stay here forever.
Soon, the sun will go down.
Soon, the cold will descend with the darkness.
You smell the rain in the air.
There will be storms tonight,

And so you will return to your place of walls.
You will return to the woman you love.

She is wise and will see the change without speaking,
the change only emptying can complete,
and you will sip coffee as the rain falls.
Saying nothing.
Saying everything
with silence and skin,
hands touching,
a conduit
to eternity.

About this poem. 

Don’t ask me. I wrote it but I am not sure what it is about. A love poem? A meditative poem? Something else?

Hey, the muse can be a bully, and you write what she tells you to write. That’s the rule.


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