Poem: Necessity



The boat is tied to its moorings,
boldly named “Necessity”, it’s teak shines.
Its paint is clean and bright.
a thing loved as any necessity should be,
constantly cared for.

You sit. You take it in, with its fine lines,
made to cut through waves,
sharp and clean and you wonder

about your own necessities.
Have you treated them as well?
Have you made them as bright?
Have you made them as important as they are?
Do you even know
what they are
and why?

Or have they gotten lost in the noise,
in the flash and glitter,
in the false, seductive promises
of a hundred little devils?

This is what you know.
The more you cut away,
the more you have of the things
that matter most,
the more you are able to untie the ropes that moor you
and set sail.

About this poem

I saw this boat during a trip to Mystic, CT. last spring, and the name has haunted me ever since. I knew there was a poem in it somewhere. And finally today, it showed up.

Almost always, I think, it is false beliefs that hold us back. Clutter. Noise. Lies. These are the things that keep us from what we want, what we want to be, from the necessities that make us our best selves. As the bible says, “The truth will set you free.”

In more ways than one.


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