Poem: The Shore Where Love Lives


The Shore Where Love Lives

Each day, the sunrise.
Each day, the surprise.
The joy you never believed
you deserved.

You breathe in the air, salty and clean.
You breathe in the air,
a storm somewhere over the horizon.

You breathe in the air, faint perfume
from distant gardens, full in spring.

The sun rises slowly,
glistening on the eastern ocean,
ripples like fire on the water.

The sun rises slowly,
and you are warmed.
You breathe in her perfume,
lingering on your shirt.

It is a simple thing, love.
But only when it is allowed,
like the sun to warm, only
when we leave our houses
and travel to the shore
where love lives.

About this poem

If you find me writing a lot of love poems just now, it is because tomorrow is my first anniversary being married to the woman I love. It has been a year of revelation, growth and unexpected joy.

Here at the diner, Van Morrison is playing “Days Like This”. The central line is “Momma told me, there’d be days like this.”. He is singing of bad days. but for me it has a different meaning, a reminder of joy being out there, even when you aren’t feeling it.

I got a lesson in forgiveness this week.

Each of these things came from meeting someone halfway or more. A lesson to always learn and relearn and relearn again. So simple. So complicated.




  1. Tom, I love when you write about love. It was the main message from the Royal wedding this morning that the world must hear! Bishop Michael Curry, from Chicago, spoke eloquently about the power of love.
    God bless all that you and yours do! I love it!

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