Poem: The Surprise of Pain

The Surprise of Pain

Late at night.

The tubes around you dripping.

The pain in your belly reminding you are alive,

But there is a cost to remain.

Work to be done and the unknown

Will always be more than the known.

You are surrounded by more love than you knew existed.

Surprising, durable stuff.

Far more pervasive than you were led to believe

When you were younger.

There is a reason we grow older,

To appreciate finally the richness and power of the gifts we are given

Before it it too late,

And there is no one to share them with.

About this Poem

Just getting to writing and not much at that. I will write more as I feel less damaged. Surrounded by my wife and and daughter , with my sister and a niece coming at the end of the week.

There is lots to the process of healing from this thing. At dinner we wondered why being part of the process never includes chocolate cake or raspberries. Only hard things.




  1. I am glad, Tom, you are surrounded by people that really love you. That is so good! I have prayed for you everyday, rest, follow the doctor´s prescriptions and enjoy all love around you. God bless you always.

  2. So very important, the support system. The power of love should never be underestimated! Feel better every day, Tom. Best wishes and a virtual bouquet of your favorite flowers.

  3. The love that surrounds you, will help you heal.
    Praying for your healing to go well, and that you will feel stronger, with every passing day…..
    Thank you for the update, Tom. 💝

  4. I’m so very glad to read you are now in the “mending phase”! It’s not easy for certain. But the love of those around you will give you the support (AND the reason) to find your footing each step of the way….

    Best wishes, Faye

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