Poem: The Beautiful Flow

Buffalo creek_resize

The Beautiful Flow

A deep breath. Released.
The doctor is smiling. Good news.
You feel the weight rise.

This is how you have lived the past year.
Moment to moment,
a world without horizons,
only moments.

Water over the stones.
The water flows. The stone remains.
You remain. In this year without horizons,

to let the water flow.

Six years ago you saw her
walking across the parking lot,
a bounce in her step,

A nervous smile on her face.
You vaguely remember the meal
The walk afterward is engraved in your memory. .

Afterward, you took a breath,
deep in your lungs. Slowly.
And released. Content

in your inner landscape
without horizons.
The water flows. Time flows.

You once believed horizons
were yours to fill. No longer.
They are a place to empty yourself
while life happens in the moments.

The water flows. Time flows.
Life is
when you allow it to be.

About this poem.

I went for my quarterly post-cancer op appointment yesterday. No detectable cancer.

Last night over dinner my wife and I talked about our first date. A life changer for sure.

FIfteen years ago I went from a planner to more of a go with the flow person. A complete transformation. I am way happier.

Be well,



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