Poem: He Lives in One Now

He Lives in One Now

He lives in one now. A city.
Sprawling and endless,
rife with possibility and peril,
something larger than him.

As a child, he was awed by it all,
somehow never afraid,
ready to dive into its canyons and alleyways,
eyes on the people, all sorts,
so different than his provincial town
at the edge of the countryside,

it became
his possibility.
And never quashed,
it became
his reality.

About this poem

Written to a picture that came across my desk while I was looking for someone else. It’s a picture of my son. He was eight or ten or so and it was our first trip to New York City. I knew then he would always be a city boy, no matter his raising in rural Virginia and Vermont. Some things are just in our DNA.

Today, he lives in Orlando.



  1. Oh this brought back a significant memory of the time I took our youngest daughter, then age 10, to see the cherry blossoms in Brooklyn Botanical Gardens . We also explored NYC and I remember her looking up at the buildings and saying “I didn’t know cities were like this- I think I love them.” 14 years later she still does.

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