Poem: Happy to Announce

Happy to Announce

There are parts that don’t fit,
that don’t match,
versions of me that sing discordant notes

I have surrendered to myself.
To the bright portions and the dark,
living with what is. Fighting
the parts I hate, but not in hate,
not that. I have lived enough of that.
in love of this beautiful mess that is me.

Conflict makes us interesting.
Anyone all this or all that makes a terrible hero
and a worse villain.
It is the struggle that makes us human,
worth loving and worth hating

and I am happy to announce
I am worthy of both.

About this poem.

This was supposed to be a Mother’s Day poem, but as so often happens when I intend to write something, something else came out.

But then again, my mother was full of grace, one of the first people to teach me about love, no matter what. I do not think I could have understood God had it not been for her. So maybe it IS a Mother’s Day poem.

I am missing her today.


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