Poem: Miracles of the Day

Miracles of the Day

A deep breath as you let the small miracles of the day settle in.
The tendril of her hair that falls loose from the rest.
The cat purring on your chest as you read.
The sunshine in winter.
Warmth where there is no warmth.
The taste of bacon, bourbon, and oranges.
(Not together).
Silk against skin. Flannel too.
Hot water. The smell of new soap.
Merely being able to see,
sometimes beyond sight.
Music. Vivaldi. The Stones. Lou Reed.
(Not together).
Time. To think. To feel. To simply be
without critique. To lose
your sense of time and demands.
A God who loves, even when his people do not.
A foundation. Firm if not flashy.
Survival. No longer taken for granted.
All of it. (Together)

About this poem.

Every day is a miracle. Some days we can see it.

The picture was taken in my home office.



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