Poem: A Change of Light

A Change of Light

This time of day you move to the far side of the house,
the north side where the late-day sun comes in.

You write in your journal. Less sensible
than people give you credit for. More emotional

than you show. You wonder sometimes, which is
the real you, calm or calamity? Mild or Mad?

Somehow both coexist and you are never quite certain
if there is a battle inside, or something else,

an object lesson in humanity and how,
if a man can live divided in his own mind,

he has trouble living with differences outside his skin.
You do not have answers. You are, if not content,

at least willing to live with mixed feelings,
to be less than one thing, or maybe, just maybe,


About this poem.

Most of us have lots of facets. Some beautiful. Some less so. Trying to make that work in one person, much less in a community or a society can be hard.

Also about depression, and how you don’t just fight it, you look for ways to make it work for you.

Poetry, like people, is rarely about one thing.


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