Poem: It is Dangerous Out There

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It is Dangerous Out There

Everything you know.
Everyone you know
tells you:

It is dangerous out there.

And so you live in your rock castle,
nursing your wounds,
barring your windows,
chaining your doors.

It is dangerous out there.

They will hurt you.
Again and again they tell you
so fearfully you draw the shades
and no longer peer out as you heal.

It is dangerous out there.

You are sure of it and live in fear behind strong walls
until you realized each scar and wound
came in this prison you have built,
in this safety you believed in.

It is dangerous out there.

That’s the lie.
It is no worse there than here,
and you tear the bars from the windows
and escape.

It is dangerous in there.

About this poem

Isolation is the enemy.