Poem: Daily It Comes


Daily It Comes

This is your battle,
fought daily,
to find peace
in a world coming undone
like the second coming,
unwanted truths rising
like the tide.

About this poem

Written after reading one of my favorite poems of all time, The Second Coming, by W. H. Auden.

My life is a constant struggle for peace, something I seem to need more than most people. In the country and time we live in today, there is not much of that to be found.

The picture was taken at Hampton Beach, NH.

And that is where poems come from.

Poem: The Zen of Stairs


The Zen of Stairs

Stairs wind up the riverbank.
Spinelike, a living thing,
surrounded by green,
a path from there to here.

Uneven. Rough,
one or two are washed out
by a river run wild, fueled by storms
and winter thaws.

Yet they endure, rugged, broken, functional,
a battered journey between,
their beauty too often missed
in the desire to arrive.

About this poem

I’ve made the mistake too often. No longer.

The picture was taken just north of Brattleboro, VT.