Poem: The Second Day of Snow

West Pawlet 1

The Second Day of Snow

It is snowing,
and silence reigns.
No cars pass by your house.
The neighborhood children huddle inside.
There is no wind,

Only the tiny pattering
of snowflakes,
falling like a whispered
buddhist chant,

covering our world, every moment of it,
in a white grace, forgiving and tender,
God’s kiss.


This poem was inspired by my re-reading and re-meditating on my favorite Bible verse, Psalm 46:10, which reads “Be still and know I am God.”.  It was influenced, obviously, by the fact that it is snowing for a second day here in Vermont, and by a post by a reader on “The Bells of Mindfulness.”.

It’s funny how poems come together, an odd mash of thoughts and influences, a strange stew that distills itself, often outside our own awareness, into verse. It’s magic and grace and madness, all in one.


PS – The picture was taken just at the edge of West Pawlet. You can click on it for a larger version.

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