Lenten Poem: God of the Wild Haired Ideas


God of the Wild Haired Ideas

Somehow, somewhere,
some guy got the wild haired idea
that if he bent a bunch of metal tubing
like crazed spaghetti,

he could make music.

Somehow, somewhere,
God said, I’ll take a murderer and make him Moses,
and adulterer and make him David. 

And if that is not enough,
I will send my son with a bottomless pocket of miracles
and change the laws of physics and life

just for them.

Certainly that should give them a vision
of my love, one that will sustain them
until they return home.

It will, won’t it?


About this poem

Poems come from strange places. .

Late Thursday afternoon I was in Bennington, visiting the Bennington Museum with the woman I love, and they had this display of coronets, of all different shapes and sizes (one was round and shaped like a tiny tuba!) and I found myself wondering who in the world came up with the crazy idea that this was how to make an instrument. (Yes, that is one of them in the picture.)

Later in the week I was talking to a perfect stranger at McDonalds about church and Proverbs 29:18 came up out of the blue. Proverbs 29:19, by the way reads “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

The “Wild Haired Idea” phrase is one my kids are very familiar with. I come up with a lot of them. A surprising number of them actually work out.

And then, last night, as I began to ponder the prompt word of “Vision” from The United Methodists Rethink Church initiative, all these things mushed into this poem.

Poems come from strange places.


About these Lenten Poems

My friend Cathy Benson is on to something. Instead of doing without for Lent, she is doing MORE with a prayer project that is thoughtful and caring.

Giving up something for Lent is a church tradition, not a biblical command. It was designed to get our minds and hearts right as we approach the holy week and Easter. It’s a good spiritual discipline.

But I think a spiritual discipline of doing something more is also a powerful way to prepare our hearts for Easter. The Methodists, through their “Rethink Church” initiative have come up with a photographic way to do this (see below). I am going to add a poem with each image for the lent season to help prepare myself. Feel free to glom on to the idea, visit the blog and read, or share your thoughts and prayers.



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