Poem: Suddenly a Warrior


Suddenly a Warrior

Under the trees, surrounded
by friends and strangers
you name them:

the fears and loss that have lived
like dark spots on your soul
for far too long,

the demons and saints
that surround you,
some of them invisible,

some of them wild as dandelions in spring.
With each naming, each confession,
they grow weaker, more transparent

Until finally, like impotent seeds
they blow away, lost in the leaves and sky,
and stand, suddenly a warrior, in the golden light.

About this poem. 

Friday I had a chance to take part in a Creativity Conference. I found it fascinating how nearly every teacher, including myself, focused on the need to be honest about our emotions as we create, How that, no matter the genre and no matter how frightening (and generally it is), is where the power of creativity that touches others comes from.

Saturday and Sunday, as part of the same gathering, I did short poetry readings and felt the nerves I always feel. The exposing. A frightening thing for an introvert like me trained by family and culture to keep everything inside.

Frightening, but essential. Because when we share our stories, we not only help others (something I have spoken of here often), but we set those stories free, and their hold on us weakens, and we become stronger with each telling.

Be well. Travel Wisely,


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