Poem: This is where it happens

collecting moments

This is where it happens

It is just a moment, fleeting
but vital.

A brief kiss in the morning.

The sun, bright through the curtains at dawn.

Coffee and conversation, starting the day
with joy.

A sense of safety.

A flash of inspiration,
and the hours afterwards
as you paint, lost in the act.

The feel of your lover’s warmth
as you read together on the soft sofa at dusk.

A moment of prayer, punctuated
by the serenade of tree frogs in the night.

The disappearance of light
as you blow out the candle
and pull up the soft, worn sheets
in anticipation of sleep.

This then, is your fairy tale,
void perhaps of castles, but full still
of demons and dragons.

You fight for them,
knowing ever after
is built in these brief moments.

About this poem. 

Inspired by a meme seen on facebook this morning that really resonated with me:



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