Poem: A Blessing with Cheesecake


A Blessing with Cheesecake

Know this,
when I break bad, it will not be quiet.
No hiding in the dark corner sins for me,
no simpering, luke-warm secret misdeeds
Instead, something spectacular,
Food so rich it crystalizes into sugar on the way down,
A night of eating, drinking and being merry so spectacular
the neighbors will talk for weeks
with a mix of disbelief and wistfulness,
so delicious angels and devils will cringe
at the brazenness
and headlines will flash across screens everywhere
while even strangers stop, mouths gaping,
at the sheer gall
of a man living a life of love and art,
of daring to pray in public,
or savor fine food
or dancing, often without music or cause,
of battling demons in the public light
no hero, but a bleeding warrior
who refuses to die quietly or without a mess.

So stare at my madness if you will.
Curse me or praise me or pretend I do not exist.
I do, in all my ugliness and openness.
Watch me indulge my broken body
with forbidden things now and again,
or sing opera in the corner booth
or hold the love of my life a bit too close
And then disappear to heal like the aging introvert
I am.
Only to rise again like Kudzu,
only with flowers, gaudy and bright,
foolish in their wild colors and perfume,
in the way of God, and his blessings
so gracious they are breathtaking
even when they are ignored by mere mortals like you and I.

About this poem

Some poems are simple. My love poems for instance. Some poems come from a slew of influences and things. You are free to make up your own meanings for this one, but if you don’t have any, here are some things that influenced me on this one.

  1. I am a diabetic, who is normally pretty good, but every once and a while I break very, very, very bad.  Like with the bacon caramel cheesecake in the picture. No half way measures for me.
  2. I think we miss most of God’s blessings. Either we are oblivious, distracted, too angry or too hurt to see them. It’s a shame, because they are prodigious.
  3. I am mostly an introvert. But at times I act like the opposite. And people wonder at me.
  4. Wondering is OK. Sometimes I do too.


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