Poem: Unexpected Eternity


Unexpected Eternity

The tide goes out,
each wave a bit more distant than the last.
The stones on the beach glisten.

It is morning
and you walk,
no need for words. No need for thoughts
as you breathe in the salt air.

Shortly, the sand will dry
and you will sit
as the wind tousles your hair.
You will pray to the music of seagulls
and a moving ocean,
meditate and open yourself
to more than the day,
but to a timelessness you never believed

The sun is warm,
October warm, pushing away the cool air
that surrounds you.
A sandpiper walks by
and towards the water,
ready to dance up and back with each wave.

You hear her voice behind you,
carried on the Atlantic
and you smile softly
as you turn to face her,
your unexpected eternity, wrapped in the sun
arms out,

About this poem.

Simply a love poem


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