The Problem with Love (Charlottesville)


The Problem with Love (Charlottesville)

The problem with love is that it is too quiet,
not self-serving enough,
unwilling to destroy,
too intent on lifting up,
too gentle, not
that it is unable to fight back,
but unwilling.

It is too busy with the hard work
of caring,
gently standing fast without fanfare or cannons,
less concerned with headlines than hearts,
less concerned with control or fear or noise,
too willing to suffer than be false.

And yet, when the guns have quieted
and the blood and rubble is everywhere,
only love sticks around to begin the building again.
It is to love even the wounded soldiers of hate turn to,
having tried all else
and failed.

1st Corinthians 13:4-7
Galatians 5:22-26

About this poem

One of my friends was in Charlottesville with his young son this week to stand against the hate. At one point, they found themselves surrounded by Quakers. Quietly, loving, protecting them from the anger and the violence. That did not get a single headline.

It really is not hard in my mind. In 62 years, I’ve never seen hate build people up, save souls, heal, or create anything lasting or good. This is true in politics, workplaces, families, relationships, and religions.

Love is the only thing that works, and yet……

Color me frustrated.


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