Poem: A Place Once Yours


A Place Once Yours

This is no longer your native land
with its steel and glass and ever-present energy.

You function here as well as ever, but only for a time.
Showtime is designed after all, for an hour or few,

the intensity flowing out like spotlights, hot and bright,
and so easily burning out in the crowds.

So you will shine a while. A day. Maybe two.
Then it is back to your place of peace, to the quiet place

where everything is synthesized and everything worth having
is made, and saved, and created anew.

For this is how you have evolved. no longer needing to prove yourself,
content to be, a creature of energy, but not as a conduit always leading out,

but more a tide, content, no, determined to rise and fall, to give and take,
and no longer allow yourself to burn out like an ancient stage light.

So you will enjoy this journey to the land that is no longer yours.
You will dance to the fires, and play with the snakes that live here,

and leave for a truer place, where love means love, and hate means hate,
and no one debates the difference.

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