One thought on “Poem: Before and After

  1. Tom,

    I have lost my bees again – this time looks like colony collapse. They just left. No honey this year. Did not look sick. A few ghost cells last week, literally a half dozen cells, no big deal. Some honey I had left for them, a lot of nector and pollen. Left the sugar water they had been consuming ravenously. So another robfest today, with outsider bees cleaning things out. I expect another depressing week cleaning out the residual moth and hive beetle larvae, since robbers do not tend to housecleaning.

    Bob leans toward trying again next year. We shall see. I love my bees, but had a rather significant reaction to a sting on my finger, so I am equivocal. He has been very helpful since I got more anxious.

    Yes, we can focus on the good or the bad, but there is an inherent tendency, often variable, that we do not choose. We both know how hard it can be to shift perspective, and assign reality, relationship and judgement.


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