Poem: Meditation at the Diner

diner 3

Meditation at the Diner


in a public place,
deeply,           eyes unfocused,
feeling the air,

the seconds.

1 2 3 in. 1 2 3 out

as long as it takes
for the magic

to happen.

They stare out of the side of their eyes, unsure
what they are seeing.

Insanity, or
pure sanity indeed.

1 2 3 in. 1 2 3 out.

In another time,
when you were older
and far more broken,                                You might have cared.

But not

You breathe.

diner 3.JPG

Mostly I meditate first thing in the morning, still in bed. But sometimes I need a refresher. People in my favorite diner are kinda used to me. Other places?

Not so much.



One comment

  1. This speaks to me. I am learning to meditate & learning it can be other places than in my little “reading” room at home. Thanks for all you share. Mary Ann

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