Poem: Simple Magic

empty walls.JPG

Simple Magic

A little less
and a little less.
No need to hurry.
Simply remove one thing
and then another.

what you need
and what you do not.
The list is shorter than you think.

Give things away.
Release them.
Someone will want them, sure
it is just what they need.

There is magic in it, understanding
how little you need.

There is power in it.
Heaven and happiness grows closer, simpler,
more possible
as the fear of what you might loose grows
less and less

About this poem

When I went through my divorce a dozen years ago, I took very little from our huge old farmhouse in Virginia. My ex kept asking “Don’t you want this (or that)?”  In the moment, I took less because I did not care. I was too broken to care.

But as I healed, I quickly found I liked having less. And life ever since then has been a quest to give things away faster than they seemed to come in. And after more than a decade, I’ve learned what I need and what I want, and I’ve learned I need less than I used to think.

I like simple. It calms me. It leaves room for the new. It leaves room for thought and spirit and creativity to expand and fill the space.

The picture was taken at the Hancock Shaker Village near Pittsfield, Massachusetts.



  1. Its what I love about camping- it’s always been me time to get away from stuff and be fully present in each place I find myself. I’m working on getting to the point where my home is like that too. Slow going as I live with someone raised by a hoarder. But as I clear, he sees the benefit of this and is coming around. All in good time .

    • I get it. Cindy’s got a minimalist streak too, and that’s nice. Now, if my kids would just get settled so I can give them the overload of family furniture that is living in my house these days! It will come.

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