Poem: Less Dead Than You Think


Less Dead than You Think

Collapsed walls.
A roof opened to the sky.
A danger sign warning you
of falling bricks.

Parts and pieces lying on the ground.

at least to some.
But you too were rubble once,
and your resurrection taught you truth:
that all broken things
are the beginning,
not the end.

About this poem.

One: I’ve come back from utter brokenness. It was terrible, but now, years later, I appreciate the lesson it taught me – that love can bring back dead bones and dead hearts.

Two: I am off to a funeral later this morning. I have come to see funerals differently than I used to. Yes, they are a time to remember the person, but they are also a time to celebrate life after life.

From those two things, this poem.

Be well my friends. Live in joy.



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