Poem: April 28th.

IMG_5590 rt_resize.JPG

April 28th

Spring came last night,
after a long season of flirting and false starts.
A pair of nights in the forties.
A rain,
and the sparse brown grass returned to life.

Fog hovers along the creeks
and the willows are greening.
In the barns, you hear the baby goats and piglets.
You suddenly smell the pregnant earth,
all after

a pair of nights in the forties
and rain.

About this poem. 

It has been a brutal winter in Vermont. As late as last week, we still had snow. But as the poem says, a pair of warm nights and rain and it’s a whole new season, just like that.

And the same happens in life sometimes, after a brutal time, a few days of peace, or love, or progress and it’s a new season.

The picture was taken on my drive to my favorite diner this morning.


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