Poem: Enough



Today, the sun shines.
The rain has passed and the air is fresh.

Today, the coffee is particularly good.
The sun warms me as I step on the front porch.
The boards beneath my bare feet are heated.

Today I slept in a bit longer
and listened to the children next door play
before heading to a vacation at the beach.
Birds sing. The cat purrs.
There is a slight wind

that will, they say, bring more rain.

But that is tomorrow.
Today, my demons have been left behind
after a long road trip.
It will take them a while to find me again.

Your love will soon join you
and you will cling together in the night.
Her perfume lingers in your mind.

The lilacs have faded,
but the rhododendrons are in bloom,
There is work to be done.
and you have the strength to do it
and that is enough

to warrant a prayer and a small jig
before you begin.

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