Poem: The Return of What Was


The Return of What Was


There is little new in the curve of the wall and walk.
Little new in the sand or sea.

Except perhaps the simplicity.

And that too, is not new.
it is an ancient gift

that we too often trade for sparkle and showtime.


And so you slow down,
and discover what you had lost

was there all the time.

for you to come to your senses,

something that never happens in an instant.


And so you listen to the sea,
the ocean five hours from where you are planted.

It’s there. Buried in your heart.

Waiting for someone to clean out the clutter
and burn the trash and bridges, making room

to grow anew into what you were.

About this poem

When I once became completely undone, the first step was tearing away the flotsam, and refinding who I was. It was a harder journey than most are willing to take, but…

Only then could I move forward.

The picture was taken at Hampton Beach, NH.