Poem: We Forget


We Forget

We forget.
To pause.
To pray.
To forgive
To breath, and savor, and rejoice.
To actually taste.
To feel the weather.
To feel the cloth of our shirt against our skin.
To believe
a God who loves us
instead of those who do not.
That words have meanings,
rich and evolved.
That we can choose
whether they are weapons or balm
and how to wear them.

We forget our power.
That it is real,
and strong,
and that there are choices in how we use it
or not.
Even not
is a choice
We forget.

We forget that the noise is just that.
That life is simple.
That most of us, if we peel away the onion,
we need so little it is laughable.
that we worry about the rest.

We forget that we are worthy.
Just as we are.
Just as we are.
Just as we are.

We forget that where we are
is no more than a starting point
and that the next step

About this poem

I have been thinking about grace all week.




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