Poem: Ten Years In Vermont

Buffalo creek_resize

Ten Years in Vermont

You blink
and it is been a decade
And still the water flows
a dancing cascade, unruly at best,
taking away,
all of it a blur full
of magic and madness and unexpected love
dancing like water,
and just as fluid.

About this poem

Yesterday marked ten years in Vermont. It is hard for me to believe. I came here for love, and (I came to understand this later.) escape, a need for peace, a safe place to heal a shattered life.

Ten years. The love I came here for unraveled, but by then I had fallen in love with this strange little state. My children, who I thought I had lost, returned to me. I found true love and married (something I thought, was sure, certainly would never happen again.).

My spirit healed, was wounded again, healed more. I refound my spiritual self, my creative self. I struggled and still struggle with depression and other emotional battles. I have learned to fight for my life, something new to me.

Everything has changed. My life has, at an age where most people settle down has become more dynamic, less settled, more adventurous – a constant surprise.

But Vermont is still a place of peace for me. A peace I need. Whatever the future brings, the past decade has been a gift and I am a grateful man.

Be well. Travel wisely,


PS – The picture was taken at a nearby creek.


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