Poem: Like Jericho


Like Jericho

And all the while you feared the disaster,
it was happening, one tiny fall at a time,
invisible almost,
until, like Jericho, the walls came tumbling down.

About this poem. 

“Things fall apart” from W. B. Yeat’s poem “The Second Coming” is one of my favorite lines of one of my favorite poems. Things DO fall apart, one tiny thing at a time, until the foundations can no longer hold. Unless of course, we build anew as we come undone.

Spawned from a long few weeks when no schedule was left unblasted. For someone who thrives with a semblance of order… We tend to see the collapse, not the thousand little things that lead to it.

If you don’t know the story of Jericho, it’s from the bible, Joshua 6:1-20. You can read it here. 

The picture was taken in Asbury Part, of a restaurant that burned down there not long ago.

From all that, this poem.


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