Poem: The Creek Must Be Crossed

Sky beyond the Trees_resize

The Creek Must Be Crossed

The water runs unpredictably after the storms,
high over the banks and wild.
Across the field, there are trees, dark against the sky.

It is early in the season and yet
the leaves are already changing.
Too many have fallen for this time of year,
and the limbs wave raw.

The creek must be crossed.
Home lies on the other side,
and the shadows fall.
There is little day left before night falls.

The creek must be crossed,
and the water runs rampant.
You are uncertain of your footing.

This is unexplored territory,
the familiar made new and dark by unexpected storms.
But there is no avoiding it. You step in.

The cold shocks you.
It seeps in your shoes and soaks your pant legs.
So cold it hurts. The shock of it still you.

But only for a moment.
There is sky on the other side of the water,
dry land and the promise of a warm hearth.

Even here, the air is still warm, just beyond the far bank.
You bear the pain. Your feet shift and slip on the rocks
below the dark water.

Tears fall, but so does the fear. Each step takes you closer.
It becomes a pain worth bearing.
A journey of hope.
The creek must be crossed.

About this poem. 

Kind of a “where I am” poem this morning, spawned by the fact that the leaves are changing early here in Vermont. Across from my house, the leaves on the white birch trees are turning yellow. When the wind blows, it rains leaves. And too, we had rain a day or two ago so the creeks are still running fast. All that, and my recent cancer diagnosis, combined for this poem.

The picture was taken at a nature reserve in nearby Hebron, NY. It is a beautiful place and if you are ever in the area, worth a few hours of your time.



  1. Great value in this poem and motivating just like your blog post on your diagnosis of cancer.
    Prayed with the sunrise. Greet each day with purpose.

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