Poem: The Maker of Worlds

no scenery.JPG

The Maker of Worlds

Breathe in deep, your diaphragm swelling slowly.
Breathe out. There is no hurry.
There is always another breath.

Breathe in. Shut your eyes.
Feel the scenery slowly disappear.
Breathe out.
more than the air in your lungs.
The tension.
The demons.
The darkness.

Breathe in,
Each slow breath a reclaiming of power.
Breathe out,
each slow breath a rejection of the idea
that you are weak,
a reminder
you can create and remove your reality

By a simple act,
you become invincible,
immortal in the moment,
Free of anything
except yourself.

About this poem

I have a whole arsenal of things that keep my depression at bay. For me, meditation is one of the most powerful. How it is that something so simple can be so powerful, I do not know.

But I am OK not knowing everything.


PS: The picture was taken at Rye, NH.

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